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3 stage Pool Pump – Ask for a quote

Fully Variable 3 Speed Function Digital RPM Display Interface Ultra Quiet, Low Noise Operation Secondary Motor Seal Up to 8 Star Energy Rating.

3 stage pump - filtration accessories

Salt Water Cholorinator – Ask for a quote

• Wholly developed and manufactured in Australia. • Proven reliability, even in the harshest Australian conditions. • Salt and mineral salt compatibility.• Advanced microprocessor controlled PCB. • Brown energy and overload protection.• Low salt operation of 3500 to 4500ppm. • Over salt warning light. • Bright display LEDS. • External reset button (no internal fuse).• 10% incremental adjustable chlorine output. • Simple to set analogue time clock with battery backup. • Energy efficient design with low kW use.• High grade long lasting electrolytic plates. • UV and impact resistant cell housing. • Easy to install into new or existing pools. • Optional Wireless models available with remote / app enabled control.

Pool Filter By Budget Pools – Ask for a quote

• Dual layer fibreglass tank with up to 370kPa working pressure.• Tank constructed with strong corrosion and UV resistant fibreglass for extreme durability.• Premium 6 way multi-port valve for simple filter control and backwashing.• Stainless steel oil filled pressure gauge. • Built in waste port sight glass for high visibility of backwash water.• Automatic air bleed prevents the build-up of any air in the filter.• Suitable for sand, glass and other media. The EC Series Advantage Warranty• 10 year warranty on Filter Tank. • 2 year warranty on Muliport Valve.

EC21 – EC25 – EC25B – EC28 – EC30 – EC32 – EC36 – EC40

Cholorinator Cell – Ask for a quote

The model and chlorine output recommended will depend on the environment and climatic conditions of your pool. Sub tropical and Tropical locations may require a higher chlorine output model.

Evolution Chlorinator Models Energy Consumption.

Dolphin M3 MKII – Ask for a quote

Recommended for pools up to 10 m (36 ft) in length. Brushes, scrubs and filters. Maytronics designed the Dolphin to provide you with hours of enjoyment in a clean, pure and hygienic pool. Using the Dolphin in your pool will: • Save water and energy. • Help to prevent germination of algae and bacteria. • Reduce the number of required backwashes.

Dolphin M3 MKII features and benefits:
• Brushes, Scrubs and Filters. • Efficient scanning and cleaning performance. • Self contained cartridge collects dirt and debris. • Autonomous unit – no pre-installation needed, no connections to pool systems. • Swivel on cable prevents cable tangling. • Small, light weight and easy to handle. • DIY – easy maintenance at user and local dealer level. • Low voltage – low energy consumption. • Automatic shut off at end of cycle time. • Obstacle escape. • Motor protection mechanism in case of over load and out of water. • Suitable for beach entry pools. • 24 Months Warranty.

Dolphin EX5 Swash TC – Ask for a quote

Dolphin Swash Series robots are designed by Maytronics to do all the hard work – providing incredible cleaning performance and efficiency. Leave it all to a Dolphin Swash cleaner, and enjoy:

Effortless operation: • Cartridge filtration system – easy to remove and clean. • Caddy included with TC for easy handling and storage (optional for CL).

Crystal-clear cleaning results: • Thorough brushing action, scrub away dirt and debris. • Effective, easy-to-use filtration system. • Powerful dirt collection – collects fine and rough debris.

Peace of mind: • Proven reliability – made by Maytronics, the leader in robotic pool cleaners. • Certified ISO9001 quality standard.